How to create an Amazon Seller Account


If you want to sell on Amazon, you will need a Seller account. In order to create it, you have to access Amazon Seller Central and click on Sign Up. You can use your customer account to start selling, or you can create a new Amazon seller account with your business email. This post will explain how to create an Amazon Seller account.

How to start your Amazon business in four simple steps:

If you don’t have an Amazon account, create your Amazon account. If you already have an Amazon account, enter your login details, click on Next and follow the steps to set up your Amazon Seller Account.

Amazon may require additional information or documents later so make sure that you read this carefully and have them with you.

1. Select your business location, business type and click on Agree and Continue.

You will be asked to fill in the corresponding business or individual information. Once you have completed the information, you will receive an SMS to verify your account: As soon as you have verified your account, click on Next to continue.

2. Enter your billing information by filling in your credit card details:

3. Enter your Store information.

Choose the store name that will be visible on your Amazon listings and answer the following questions.

4. Identity verification.

Confirm your personal account details and upload your ID documents and bank statement. You’ll need to upload your banking documents before you can finish your application. Once you have done that, please select Submit.

After that, you will receive a call from Amazon where you will have to turn on your webcam so they can see your face , hold the requested documents ( Your ID and a bank statement) on your hand and show them to the camera. This procedure helps them verify your identity.

As soon as your account has been verified, you will be automatically redirected to your seller dashboard and you are ready to go!

Now that you have seen how easy it is to go through the Amazon seller registration process to start your own Amazon business, don’t waste any more time and get ready to start your selling journey today!

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