How to do Dropshipping on eBay from SaleYee?


Whether you are selling on eBay platform or your own site, finding a trusted and helpful supplier like Saleyee is the key to building a profitable dropshipping business. eBay dropshipping business is one of the sure ways of making good money online as long as the seller can give an assurance of delivering within not more than the 30 days of the listing end.

Although several factors like the item quantity & shipping time are far beyond the seller control. The seller is delegated by eBay. And hence responsible for the timely delivery & in the right amounts. Anyone who is willing to start their dropshipping business at eBay is required to have his/her seller account on the eBay site.

You start by making a right decision on which products you actually want to sell on your niche. And then closely identifying some of the best and potential wholesalers or other supplies whom you can actually trust with shipping reliability. And quick delivery for maximum customer satisfaction.

What is SaleYee?

SaleYee is a dropshipping supplier & a cheap wholesaler with free international shipping under Tengming Limited. Since the year 2012. It has built an efficient supply chain system with warehouses all over the US, UK, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic. This ensures that all of your dropshipping orders can be dispatched and shipped fast pretty much anywhere in the world.

Currently, SaleYee gives you access to several high-quality products in sports & fitness, lamps & lighting. It also deals in musical instruments, automotive accessories, toys & hobbies, tools & equipment. And also in knives, arts & crafts, and consumer electronics from 500+ reliable agents and manufacturers.


  • Fast dropshipping internationally within 3-10 days via FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Yodel, Hermes, Royal Mail, and other logistics partners.
  • Support Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club International, Payoneer, and bank transfers.
  • Free shipping from local warehouses around the world.
  • Up to 5% discounts for VIP members.
  • Professional sales consultant and after-sales service.


  • No custom dropshipping branding solutions.

Tips on eBay Dropshipping from SaleYee

You may be thinking that How you can set up a dropshipping business on eBay? Your objective is to gain a competitive advantage by having high sales volume. And on return that would equate to a higher profit margin in eBay dropshipping. Most online sellers try as much possible to have significant sales within the shortest time possible. And this can result in more work arising from the listing process of every product.

Tip: Use a dropshipping software that can help you with stock tracking and price changes. This can make your path much simpler.

To reduce this overload, you need to identify those products that can be displayed as a multiple-item listing since you just require to list once. It gives you the freedom to fully take care of your customer satisfaction as well as time to handle returns when the need arises. It is wise to set a longer eBay listing duration that can caution you from regular re-listing.

Remember, so many online buyers visit eBay is because of the assurance of purchasing items at affordable pricing at any given time. However, sellers sometimes can encounter a dramatic situation when the final product price declines below the dropshipping profit margin level. But the wholesale cost is fixed, leaving the sellers prone to make losses. Also, the listing on eBay requires the listing fee and a certain percentage of the closing sales price, which in most cases is 10% and this means further reducing your profit margins. SaleYee is a supported supplier in Hustle Got Real dropshipping software.

However, the good news is that you have several ways of maintaining your dropshipping profit margin higher. Note you have the authority to set the buy it now listing which makes it possible to set a fixed price that allows you to pull in your target profit margin. Another way to overcome this challenge is by setting a higher reserve price, which is the minimum amount that the seller is ready to accept for a successful trade.

More About SaleYee

It is recommended to adjust your reserve price accordingly since the final cost can vary from time to time. You can use the eBay free calculator to estimate your potential fees for your listings on the eBay platform.

Now that you have plenty of buyers demanding your products, it’s your turn to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing efficient and quick delivery. Remember, a good reputation will earn you loyal customers who can make you remain competitive every day. And this means you have to stay keen on tracking your fulfillment to your clients.

However, the biggest challenge is that the satisfaction is not always within your control and this means that if your notice your supplier is letting you down from their unreliability, quickly find another source for the product you had promised to deliver. How to dropship on eBay free? Since the buyer picks the products they want from your page and buys it, no list is necessary with dropshipping.

Success means the right timing of the day, week, and the time to have your sales since this can have a significant positive impact on your purchases. The eBay timing, particularly at the peak hours, is a wise move that has seen many drop shippers making substantial sales.

For instance, around 3 p.m. and 8.pm, every Saturday and Sunday are the pick times on eBay.

Configuring Auto Ordering on your store allows the order to be placed immediately and you do not have to do anything manually! Register now in Hustle Got Real, and try also SaleYee AutoOrdering!

How Does SaleYee Help with eBay Dropshipping?

Online sellers can easily find the top-selling products on eBay by checking them out in “Platform Top Sellers.”. Now, eBay sellers can also take advantage of SaleYee’s big data-based product research, promotional events. And clearance to gain large profit margins while benefiting the free membership and huge discounts. 

More importantly, instead of paying an excessive amount for overseas warehouses, working with SaleYee is a much better choice. Because SaleYee has over 630,000 square meters of local US/UK/EU warehouses and offers fast and free delivery. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with multiple dropshipping suppliers.

With the help of our dropshipping software you can now easily start your dropshipping business on eBay using SaleYee. Hustle Got Real provides you with additional services that help you grow your online business.

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