Is Zooplus a Good Supplier for Your Pet Niche Business?


As the online world booms post-pandemic & ecommerce solutions and pet niche business with suppliers like Zooplus now become increasingly common, the online dropshipping model has risen greatly in popularity amongst entrepreneurs. It’s a great way to start an online dropshipping business in UK without worrying too much about inventory or shipping.

But how do you select the right solution? Finding the platform for requirements takes time that you definitely don’t have if you’re getting your company off the ground.

Dropshipping suppliers can take some of the stress (and costs) off your shoulders. Dropshipping involves working with a separate company who handles the inventory and the fulfilment of orders on your behalf. This type of business eliminates the headaches of storing inventory, packing and shipping products, and so much more.

The question is, which suppliers are the best for your dropshipping business? Today, we’re going to cover Zooplus, which is a good supplier for your pet niche business.

Let’s have a look.

Why Products for Pets?

If you think about it carefully, this niche meets almost all the precepts to become a success:

Recurrent purchase: the person who has pets needs to buy certain products on a regular basis: food, hygiene items (such as cat litter), shampoos, vitamins….

Impulsive or irrational purchase: another characteristic of animal lovers is that they tend to pamper them. So there is another very interesting line to exploit in toys, clothing and accessories.

Professional public: this is another example of the good business vision of Zooplus. From the beginning, they saw that breeders were a segment to exploit, since they have a need for a higher volume of product and their recurrence is even higher.

Specialization: the latter is transversal and not strictly related to the product. But the brand’s specialization is always a plus in the eyes of a user who seeks the advice of a pet expert.

Recurrence, impulse or emotional buying and specialization were three quite interesting pillars on which to build a business idea at that time. Because, remember. We are talking about 1999, a time when competition was still derisory, impossible to compare with what it is now.


Zooplus is an online retailer of pet food & supplies with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1999, the E-commerce company ships now to 30 different countries in Europe and the United Kingdom. After its IPO in the year 2008, Zooplus is listed at Frankfurt Stock Exchange & a constituent of the SDAX stock market index.

In August & September 2021, Zooplus was the main subject of a bidding war between the private equity firms Hellman & Friedman, KKR & Co., & EQT Partners, with the highest bid reaching about €470 per share (~€3.36 billion).

Zooplus platform offers a full range of pet supplies for you & your pets – providing you over 8,000 top products in stock & ready to ship. With over 17 years of expertise in pet food & pet accessories industry, you can expect top brands and quality products at amazing low prices.

With helpful features such as product videos, customer reviews and photos, and carefully researched product descriptions. You can always make an informed decision about which product is right for your pet.

More About Zooplus

You can see that it could be any store, but there is something we especially like and that is that they have segmented by type of animal nearly all the web. Obviously, dogs and cats have a greater relevance because they are also those that generate more revenue. But even in the structure of the internal architecture we see how they have given space to fish, birds, rodents, reptiles and horses.

Product sheets also correspond to a fairly standard model. But do not let simplicity confuse you because they have some elements that are worth commenting on:

Photographs: well, here it depends on how “sexy” the product turns out to be, but they include quite a few images in general. Some are more inspirational and others are just of the product. They also allow customers to upload their own images in product reviews.
Descriptions: A small review that extends across the bottom of the tab. The text is impeccable and the tone is similar to what you would expect, somewhere between a veterinarian and an animal-loving friend.

Customer reviews: social proof is essential in a product of these characteristics. It is a lot of work and stands out remarkably.
Volume discounts: if one of your differential values is convenience in delivery. And you finish it up with price and large consumption, it seems logical to offer discounts for mass purchases. This is exactly what they do at Zooplus.

Final Thoughts

Zooplus is one of the largest online pet supplies retailers in Europe, has benefitted from higher online demand during the pandemic.
There is something special about Zooplus, that in their website they have segmented by type of animal nearly all the web. Obviously, dogs and cats have a greater relevance. Because they are also those that generate more revenue, but even in the structure of the internal architecture we see how they have given space to fish, birds, rodents, reptiles and horses.

The key to success with dropshipping is doing the right research. Since you’re not able to exert much control over the fulfilment process on your side. You need to ensure that you’re working with a third-party who will do everything right. Someone who can deliver products quickly to the regions you’re supporting is a must have.

It’s also worth searching for dropshipping suppliers that can offer a wide range of products for your store. The more diversity available, the easier it is to scale your store. And ultimately suit the new trends and expectations of your audience. Make sure that you can add products to your store quickly and easily with a convenient system.

An automation dropshipping software that support Zooplus as supplier, allows you to list items through the software directly to your store. Hustle Got Real Catalog let’s you filter products by supplier so you can list them. Or you can also use our “We list for you” service and HGR makes all the work for you!

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