welcome to the listing service



If you don't know what products to list, we will choose the best winning products for your store. We will list them optimising the titles with the best performing keywords so you don't have to worry about listing at all. It is a one-off payment that you can buy as many times as you like.

subscription allowance

The system will only monitor the purchased listings if you have enough allowance in your HGR subscription, meaning that if you are still on the free trial where you can list up to 30 items and you purchase 100 listings, we will publish all 100 items in your store but only 30 of them will be monitored by our system. If you want us to monitor and update them all, you will need to upgrade your HGR subscription plan

non api channels

If you are using a Non Api channel for either eBay or Amazon, please make sure that your store is properly connected to the Non Api extension. If your channel is not connected, your listings will be processing under Pending Listings until the Non Api extension is connected. If you want us to connect your store to our server, you can check the server subscription here

images & description

We will publish your listings with optimised titles, however, the images and the description will not be modified, meaning that if you want to change either the images or description, you will have to do it yourself. 


Straight after purchasing the service, you will be asked to choose the channel and enter your suppliers, price range and profit preferences, under your Dashboard>Manage Listing Services. Once you have chosen your preferences, please click on Start Listing. The service won't start until this is done. If you don't have any preferences, you can click Start Listing and we will choose the items ourselves. * 

how does the listing service work

1. Purchase the listing package that you want us to list
2. You will receive a confirmation email telling you to set up your preferences
3. Choose your preferences.
4. Click on Start Listing
5. The team will process your order and email you as soon as your listings are published.

what does the service include

1. We choose the best winning products for you
2. Titles are optimised based on good popular keywords
3. Listings are submitted in your HGR account
4. Listings will be published on your store
5. All the listings will be monitored and updated by our system

compatible channels

You can purchase the listing service for eBayAmazon and Shopify
You will be able to choose the store that you want us to use after purchasing the service, under your Dashboard>Manage Listing Services

shipping & return

The listings will be published with the shipping, return and payment methods that you have previously configured in your HGR account. We won't edit your policies. Make sure that if you ask for International suppliers, you set the according policies under Settings>Sources

pending listings

Once the team has submitted your purchased listings, you will see them under My Listings section. If your store hasn't been configured properly or there is any information missing, your listings will show under Pending Listings where you will be able to read the error that came up as well as the steps to follow in order to solve it. Once you have fixed the issue, you can retry your pending listings. HGR is responsible for choosing and submitting your listings, but if there is an issue with your store, you will have to resolve it yourself. 

* Please note that when calculating the profit we are referring to the net profit ( already considering PayPal and eBay or Amazon estimated fees). 

Profit= buying price – selling price – fees

If you choose a high minimum profit ( higher than 3) your items will be much more expensive and therefore harder to sell. For this reason, we recommend that option for more experienced dropshippers.

Suppliers preferences

Please consider the shipping times when choosing your suppliers. This will vary from one supplier to another, for example, national suppliers and international suppliers. There are also some suppliers where you will need to create a dropshipping account or membership in order to sell their products, so please make sure you consider this as well. 


If you are selling on eBay:

Please make sure that your billing information is completed. eBay requires you to set up a billing method with them before they enable your seller account. In order to do so, you can access your eBay account and introduce your billing details. If you are not able to find this section, please contact eBay via their live chat and request them to send you the link to complete your billing details. 

You can also access here 

replacing listings

Once the listing service has been completed and the products have been listed in your HGR account, we won’t be able to replace them. For this reason, please make sure that you set your preferences straight after purchasing the service according to your needs. Our team will only replace your listings if there is any problem with the items, such as missing images, wrong supplier or out of stock listing.  


Listing has never been easier