Link your Amazon seller account to our NO API extension

  1. Access your seller central account – UK: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/home
  2. Go to Settings > Login Settings

3. Click on 2SV  – Authenticator app. There is a method to get your code using your phone number, please make sure you select the Authenticator App option to proceed.

4. Click on the link: Need an app?

5. Click on the link: Can’t scan the barcode? And copy the KEY.

6. Go to our NO API extension and choose Amazon. Then you can click on the Amazon store and introduce the key and save it.

7..Go back to your Amazon seller configuration and enter the OTP code that appears in your app. Make sure you click on Verify OTP and continue 😊

Now you are ready to start!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to paste the key before you verify OTP and continue, if you verify and the try to get the Key, this one has changed so make sure you follow the order explained on the steps above.


If you want to know more about OTP …

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