What Is eBay’s Global Shipping Program?


Selling internationally may appear to be a headache, but eBay’s Global Shipping Program strives to make selling to international buyers simple and stress-free. We examine how the Global Shipping Program (eBay GSP) operates and how it may effect your Seller Ratings.

What is eBay’s Global Shipping Program?

With eBay’s Global Shipping Program, you may sell your eBay listings to worldwide buyers without having to ship to them yourself. Items you list on eBay website will be available to buyers outside the country, who will be able to pay for international postage and any required customer clearance services at the time of checkout; all you, the seller, have to do is send the item to eBay’s parcel processing facility, where it will be forwarded abroad.

How Does It Work?

The items will appear in the applicable countries once the products have been listed via GSP. The sale prices include the regular eBay and PayPal fees. When the transaction is completed, the seller will be paid in full for the item, plus the standard shipping fee for domestic delivery.

For each offering, buyers will see projected shipping and import charges, which will be confirmed before purchase. The customer is responsible for all shipping, handling, customs, taxes, and any other fees that may apply.

However, sellers should be aware that one of the most important elements to consider is returns. As GSP does not include this expense in the cost. Due to the high expenses of returning things delivered internationally. Forfeiting the item and providing a replacement can frequently be more cost-effective. As well as preventing negative comments and conflicts. Another common approach is to use an international carrier because sellers can include pre-paid return labels with each transaction, allowing customers to start the process quickly.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP)

The Worldwide Shipping Program (GSP) on eBay allows merchants to extend geographically in order to reach key global markets. Such as the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Japan, and Australia (and many, many more). Adding things to their overseas sites is a terrific approach to reach a wider audience and enhance sales. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using eBay’s GSP.


  • If you use eBay’s Global Delivery Program, eBay will handle all of the logistical issues of overseas shipping, such as customs clearance. You’ll cover any import fees up front, so you won’t be surprised when your item arrives. You will also gain access to international tracking.
  • If an item is lost or damaged during international shipping., eBay Money Back Guarantee claims will be adjudicated in your favour. And your seller performance requirements will not be impacted.
  • When you provide the shipping centre free domestic delivery,. You’ll get a 5 star rating for shipping expenses in your comprehensive seller rating.
  • Any negative or neutral feedback related to item handling during international transportation that may be attributable to the GSP will be erased.
  • You have the option of selecting which countries to use the Global Shipping Program for.
  • There are 104 countries that are eligible.


  • GSP is limited in terms of category, package size, and weight.
  • Sellers must comply with a list of Prohibited and Restricted Items.
  • No deliveries are made to APO or FPO addresses. With rare exceptions at the country level, PO boxes are normally not permitted.

Because eBay GSP differs by nation. It’s critical to take the time to research and understand the various systems, rules, and practices.

Is it Safe to Use the Global Shipping Program?

The safety it provides to sellers is one of the most tempting characteristics of the Global Shipping Programme (along with the fact that it eliminates the burden of customs formalities).

You are not responsible for any loss or damage once your item arrives at the delivery center. You won’t have to refund purchasers for eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection claims if an item is damaged or lost in transit1, and your seller performance ratings will be safeguarded.


Although all sellers are eligible to join. The programme is currently only open to those who have received an eBay performance rating of at least “Above Standard.” In addition to accepting PayPal as a payment method. The items to be sent must already be in the seller’s registered country and posted for sale on eBay.

There are additional constraints for products and item specifications such as size, weight, and value of shipments based on the destination country. For example, in the United States, sellers must have a maximum weight of 66 to 150 pounds and a maximum length of 66 to 118 inches. The maximum item value in most nations is $2,500, although this can vary, so sellers should double-check before listing in certain countries.

Smartwatches, gift cards, and tickets are examples of items that cannot be included in GSP. The official eBay website has further information about the limits.

If you send things using eBay’s Global Shipping Program. You’ll also be protected from negative comments and damage to your seller rating:

  • If you offer free shipment to the UK shipping center. You will automatically receive 5-star protection on postage and packaging charges. Postage and packaging ratings of less than five stars will not be counted against your seller performance standards.
  • You’ll also get 5-star delivery time protection if you:
  • You have a same-day or next-day delivery option.
  • You submit tracking information (or mark the item as dispatched if you’re not utilising a tracked service) within one working day of receiving cleared payment.


While the eBay Global Shipping Program is a fantastic tool with simple features and a straightforward fulfilment procedure. There are some limits that sellers should be aware of. Before expanding, all sellers should analyze product ranges, specs, and sales statistics to reduce the risk of underperforming products in overseas marketplaces hurting the company’s reputation with buyers.

It’s important looking at third-party logistics businesses and direct shipping for best practises. Although GSP is a straightforward solution for cross-border fulfilment, more experienced sellers may find that other approaches provide better results.

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