5 Trending Products to Sell on eBay in May 2023


If you’re stuck in a sales rut, you might wonder what to sell on eBay to get your sales going again. When you signed onto eBay to start your online store, you have exciting visions for your business – and that hinges on the idea that you’ll generate lots of sales to build your online business empire.

But to get to that point entails much hard work. You must invest time and effort in researching the top products to sell on eBay to list on your eBay store. Those sales don’t just happen!

Luckily, you have access to tools that enable you to gather data about eBay best sellers, so you can skip the trial-and-error phase and ensure you sell only the best selling items on eBay. Before you start selling on eBay, read this guide on the best selling products to hit your online sales target this May!

5 eBay Top Selling Items for May 2023

The secret to the success of eBay sellers is they plan and research. You can’t expect to generate online sales from your store if you don’t use data to evaluate the sales performance of the eBay top selling items. The data points to where the online sales are coming from, so you can make a data-driven decision for your online store.

It is also important to analyze past and future trends before selling. It gives you a clearer picture of how the sales trends will go and what product categories perform well at certain times of the year.

With that in mind, let’s explore the top selling items on eBay for May!

Top Selling Products #1: Hiking Shoes

The first product in our list of top selling items on eBay for May is hiking shoes. According to the latest stats on this product category, you can earn up to $8 profit for every sold item. eBay sellers that listed hiking shoes in their eBay store have generated over $80,000 in sales earnings.

Google Trends data shows the demand for hiking shoes is steady throughout the year. That’s a good indicator of a product to list on your eBay store since it helps attract potential buyers throughout the year instead of the summer months alone. You can list various items under this category to attract eBay buyers looking for hiking shoes.

A product research tool can provide more detailed insights into the sales performance of hiking shoes. When evaluating your data to determine if selling on eBay is worthwhile, look at the successful listings rate, the sell through rate, and the sold items in the past 30 days. The sales earnings can also be a good indicator if hiking shoes are among eBay’s top selling categories.

When doing your research on hiking shoes, make sure to pay attention to the average product price. To boost your online sales, you must offer competitive prices to potential buyers. It will attract them to buy the same product from your store instead of a competitor’s. You can also use product research tools to source suppliers and help you find the ones that offer the cheapest products on eBay, leaving you enough room to make profits.

Top Selling Products #2: Fitness

Fitness is one of the top selling eBay categories in May, which isn’t surprising. In keeping with the trend of spending more time outdoors, more people want to get in shape to enjoy these activities or look good in a swimsuit! Whatever their fitness goals are, make sure you capitalize on them by including fitness items as one of the top selling items on eBay to have in your store.

The Google Trends for fitness as a search term has been doing really well. The trend is consistently high, and there are no major upward and downward spikes in these trends. Again, you must also use a product research tool to supplement the data you have from Google about fitness being one of the categories on eBay best sellers.

You can also research your competitors to see how many sold items they’ve had in the past 30 days for this category and the average product price. With fitness product categories, you have many options for products to list, such as workout equipment, lifestyle supplements, smart watches, bicycle components, and more.

Depending on your store’s niche, you can choose the best selling products that would fit into your current lineup of products and your target market. Look at the average price from your competitors for the chosen fitness products to help you stay competitive.

Top Selling Products #3: Doormats

Doormats are evergreen product ideas for your online store. While it is not seasonal, the Google Trends data shows that they experience a consistent flow of demand. Therefore, it is a great option for sellers wanting to boost their online sales because you can expect a consistent demand for these product categories.

Using a product research tool also gives you data-driven insights into how well this product is doing before you start selling on eBay. Check the sell through rate, successful listings rate, and the average price for this product. These data will inform you when choosing suppliers for doormats and your pricing strategy when you add these top selling items on eBay.

Doormats have a relatively low price point, which means these are also fast-moving items that sell easily. In addition, you can use these products in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office, etc. Potential shoppers will have many uses for it, so they will likely buy more than one item per transaction.

Again, use your product research tool to determine potential suppliers for this product category. It will enable you to maximize your sales by listing these top selling products. You can generate up to $4 for every sold items.

Top Selling Products #4: Blankets

Blankets are another product category with the potential to help boost your online sales this May. Even though it might seem like a seasonal product, Google Trends shows that this product experiences a good level of demand throughout the year, with noticeable peaks at certain times.

Another benefit of adding blankets as one of the top selling items on eBay to your store is you have plenty of product variety. You can add top selling or generic brands to your store. The average price between popular brands and generic brands will vary, so you can choose which products to list according to your target market. In addition, you may also find various colors, types of materials, and other factors when listing blankets in your seller account.

Depending on where you can get your suppliers, you have a potential profit of approximately $3 for each sold item. It’s a low-profit margin, but since these are top selling items, you can expect steady sales from this category.

Top Selling Products #5: Barbecue

Summer months are not complete without a barbecue session with friends and family! Therefore, it’s one of the top selling items on eBay that you would want to cash in on.

Google Trends analysis shows that barbecue equipment and accessories experience a consistent demand with noticeable peaks during summer. Hence, May is the best time to list this product category in your store to maximize the profit potential. These best selling items vary in average price, with some products with a higher average selling price, like barbecue grills and smoker boxes. Meanwhile, you can also sell products at a lower average price, such as grill brushes, tongs, BBQ sauces, and grill covers.

The sell through rate and success rate for barbecue are also promising, if you want to make more sales from these top selling items on eBay. Be sure to optimize your listing for these best selling items so you can outdo your competition, especially since more people are going to be looking for these eBay best sellers.

Optimizing Your eBay Listing

Finding top selling products to list on your eBay store is important. It helps you identify the demand for a certain product category and whether eBay buyers will pay for it. But it is only one aspect of your eBay store strategy. You should also know how to optimize your listings before you begin selling.

As you might know by now, the eBay marketplace is saturated with online business owners wanting to make money from the top selling items on eBay. Therefore, you must optimize the listing for these best selling items to ensure you can maximize the profits.

You must optimize the title listing for these top selling items to make finding them easier for search engines (and eBay buyers). Aside from the title, use targeted keywords to optimize the product description. The top selling eBay categories are highly competitive, so your competitors will most likely target relevant search terms to get sales from the best selling products. You should also do the same and optimize your sales from these products!

While optimization is important, avoid over-optimization, where you’re just stuffing keywords in the title and description. Focus on the most relevant and useful keywords to help your buyers decide if the product is what they want.

Conclusion – Top Selling Items on eBay in May 2023

May 2023 looks to be another exciting month for eBay sellers! Sales are usually high during this season since many people are enjoying time outdoors and exploring various activities. It’s an excellent time to research the top selling items on eBay to capitalize on the hottest items on the market, giving you a huge boost in online sales.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some insights into the top trends in the market, including the best selling items. When updating your inventory and choosing the top selling items, use a product research tool like ZIK Analytics. This tool doesn’t just tell you what products to sell on eBay, it also provides extensive data that informs you of your pricing strategy and analyzes what your competitors are doing that is helping them maximize profits. With this information, you can adjust your strategy and maximize your profits!

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