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Hustle Got Real offers a variety of services to take your business to the next level.

VeRo Checker

The VeRO Program (Verified Rights Owner Program) allows owners of intellectual property (IP) rights and their authorized representatives to report eBay listings that may infringe on those rights. VeRO embodies eBay’s commitment to provide a safe place to buy and sell, which respects property owners’ rights. Some examples of infringements are:

  • Items that bear the rights owner’s trademark—such as a logo—but were not authorized by the rights owner.
  • Unauthorized copies of audio, video, or other media.
  • Unauthorized use of a rights owner’s images or text in a listing.

Your listing might be removed based on a VeRO report, and eBay will send you an email with details about why your listing was reported and how to contact the rights owner directly for more information.

In order to prevent this from happening, we help eBay sellers to identify brands participating in the VeRO Program, based on reports from the community. Sellers only need to download our VeRO extension and pin it in their browser. As a consequence, they will be able to check every single brand to find out whether it is VeRO or not, as well as reporting new VeRO brands themselves.

Check for brands participating in the eBay VeRO Program and help the community reporting any new addition from your own experience.

Auto Ordering

The best way to automate and scale your business.

Forget about processing your orders manually. They will now be processed automatically and you will be able to configure and manage your auto ordering settings directly from your HGR account.

Fully-Automatic Orders, meaning that when you receive an order, our software will automatically log in and place the order for you. The aim is to remove mundane or tedious tasks so that you can focus on what’s most important: marketing and customer service. You can still pursue your passion of running a business without having to manually do all the work.

Access and configure your auto ordering settings directly from your HGR account. Tracking numbers will be generated for each order and you will be able to check the order status in real time. Decide whether you want auto ordering enabled for all the supplier or custom the service according to your needs.

Private Supplier

Take your drop shipping business to the next level and increase your sales avoiding competition from other sellers.

Due to popular demand, we are now offering you the option to have exclusive drop shipping suppliers. This means that you will be the only seller allowed to use that specific supplier via Hustle Got Real. Other sellers won’t even see the name of your supplier, and you will be able to use Hustle Got Real to list their items and monitor any stock/price changes automatically.

The Cost of this service is a one-off payment of ÂŁ200 to develop the integration with your desired supplier. On the other hand, there is a monthly maintenance fee of ÂŁ50 to ensure that the integration keeps working even if your supplier changes the website.

Once you have sent the first payment, the supplier will be available to you within 3 business days.

If you are interested in this service, please email contact@hustlegotreal.com, indicating your supplier’s website.

Price Warrior

Stop ignoring sellers copying your titles. Now you can fight them back!

Beat your competitors by detecting thieves and make sure that you always get the sale.

Define the minimum markup you are willing to sell at and Price Warrior will never set the price below it.

Access your report section and check the status of all the listings being managed by Price Warrior.

How does it work?

Everyday Price Warrior will monitor all your listings to detect thieves and will undercut them automatically by a set amount previously configured.

For this reason, you will have to define a minimum markup you are willing to sell at and Price Warrior will never set the price below that markup.

The service will update your listings automatically, and you will also have access to a report showing the status of all the listings being managed by Price Warrior.

No Api Server

NO API accounts simulate manual dropshipping. We believe this is more secure, preventing eBay from reviewing your account but it also has some implications.

If you use No API connection you will have to keep the No Api extension running on your computer all the time. This means keeping your store logged in and your computer on the whole time.

This is vital in order for the extension to be able to update the stock and prices in real time.

If you switch your computer off the No API extension will not have access to the manual file exchange on eBay. We will need your power to run your store.

If you think this is time consuming and inefficient you have come to the right place. We are here to do it for you so you can forget about keeping everything on and focus on making your sales grow.

This premium feature, the No Api server, will keep your No Api account monitored and connected for you.

Listing Service

If you don’t know what products to list, we will choose the best winning products for your store. We will list them optimising the titles with the best performing keywords so you don’t have to worry about listing at all.

It is a one-off payment that you can buy as many times as you like.

Straight after purchasing the service, you will be asked to choose the channel and enter your suppliers, price range and profit preferences. Once you have chosen your preferences, please click on Start Listing. The service won’t start until this is done. If you don’t have any preferences, you can click Start Listing and we will choose the items ourselves. *

Once the listing service has been completed and the products have been listed in your HGR account, we won’t be able to replace them. For this reason, please make sure that you set your preferences straight after purchasing the service according to your needs. Our team will only replace your listings if there is any problem with the items, such as missing images, wrong supplier or out of stock listing.

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