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HGR includes the corresponding supplier’s shipping costs in the listing’s price. 

At the moment eBay variations are not supported, but our technical team is working to make them available very soon.   

If you want to list more than one variation, you must list them individually as different items and they must have different and unique URLs. 

Price Warrior searches for anyone who is copying your titles or have a similar one. When detecting it, it automatically updates your price to unseat your competitor’s (if repricing is enabled on your Price Warrior settings). This way, when a customer searches for the item on eBay, your listing will always be slightly cheaper than the competitor’s. If you don’t want Price Warrior to change the item’s price when finding someone copying your title, you can just disable “Repricing” on your Price Warrior settings and you will only see a list of all the items that have been copied from you. This list will be updated daily.  

There are no notifications for the moment, but we will develop a feature that will enable you to decide whether to be notified or not, and how to proceed according to price changes.  

Prices are adjusted automatically (if “Monitor price” and “Monitor price decrease” are enabled).   

Yes it is! We just need a CSV file with 2 columns: eBay Item Id and Source URL. We will then import them for you. You can send the file to contact@hustlegotreal.com, indicating your eBay username. 


The limit refers to the total number of listings that are monitored.  You are paying for 300 listings, and whenever you want to list more than 300 items, you will need to upgrade to the following plan. 

You can cancel it anytime directly on PayPal under Recurring Payments section. The billing period will start on the day you subscribe and you will be billed every month, six months or yearly, depending on your subscription period. 

You can list as many items as you want, and the price will change accordingly depending on the subscription plan that you want to purchase. There is no fixed price for unlimited listings. 

In order to downgrade your subscription, you must cancel your PayPal recurring payment and sign up for the new plan. We cannot issue a refund when downgrading the subscription, therefore we recommend you to wait until the current subscription expires and then cancel it and pay for the new one.  

You can cancel your subscription under your PayPal recurring payments.  


This occurs when you disable “monitor price decrease”. This prevents the price from being dropped down when the source price decreases. If you want the price to change accordingly when supplier’s price changes, “monitor price decrease” option must be enabled, and “price decrease percentage” must be set to 0.  

Quantity is updated automatically to 1 when item goes back in stock and updated to 0 when going Out Of Stock (OOS).  

If you relist an item on eBay, it will be relisted with a new item ID generated by eBay. Therefore, you will have to manually add this item again to HGR

When a listing ends on eBay, it will also show as terminated on HGR and will not count against your subscription limit. If you search by its ID, you can still see it on HGR for reference, but when your search results return more than 1 item, terminated items are not displayed (you can still see them using the advanced filter). 

Hustle Got Real monitors listings every 90 minutes, therefore if the source price increases, your price will automatically be increased accordingly to your configurations markup during the next monitor. 

Listings are monitored every 90 minutes, however, our technical team is working on a new development that will enable  in order to be able to monitor them hourly instead.  

HGR Account

Everyone can sell online without owning any stock. Choose your items and automatically list from different drop shipping suppliers into your store. Stock and price will be monitored.  

You can link as many eBay accounts as you wish to the same Hustle Got Real account. You can link them on your HGR dashboard, by clicking on “ Add another account”. Your eBay accounts will share the same HGR subscription plan.  

You must link your eBay account again by accessing your dashboard and clicking on “Add another account”.  

As you have only changed your eBay username and not the account itself, all your listings will remain active and linked to your new username. 

Please try changing your password and log in again. If this doesn’t work, please email us at contact@hustlegotreal.com  

Common errors

You must enter the ISBN number in the EAN field instead. 

Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz8VRNK-4QI&list=PLjTxi47lw1CY6jmdrvXFlZ8ppo5aFy2uo&index=2

You must enter a valid UK/US postcode (depending on your account location) under your account settings. Once you have done this, please go back to “Listings Created” section and click on “Retry” (next to the gear icon on the listing).  

You have removed the “BEGIN_DESCRIPTION_CONTENT” tag by mistake. It should be placed right before the Description section. It will work again if you add “BEGIN_DESCRIPTION_CONTENT” to your template.