How to increase my sales on ebay by optimizing my titles


Increase your eBay sales by optimising your title

Selling on eBay has become more and more competitive. One of the most important things to take into account when drop shipping on eBay is the title optimisation so you get found a lot better.

The title of your product is probably the most important thing that a search engine uses to identify what your listing is about. So, becoming an eBay title builder professional is a shortcut to eBay success! Because of this, you need to use the most important keywords in your title and save the less relevant ones for other parts of your listing.

To create the best possible product title for your item, you need to use your new keywords, plus a little creativity.

Your eBay title can have up to 80 characters. It’s super important to craft your title correctly, but remember not to put every single keyword in there – this does more harm than good.

Once you’ve got your eBay product listing written, it’s time to work on a product description.

How to optimise your titles

  1. Point out the most important keyword that describes the item
  2. Search for it on eBay and find out other relevant keywords that go with it
  3. Use a capital letter for first word
  4. Clear the imported title on Hustle Got Real
  5. Enter these words on the title field
  6. Enter the most relevant keywords out of the HGR suggestions
  7. Move the words around so that the sentence makes sense
  8. Make sure to use up the space provided

The more you optimise your titles, the more likely you are going to get found, the more views you are going to get and the more interest you are going to get in your listing.

EBay title optimisation is an important task to get your sales increase!

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