How to Improve My eBay Seller Profile?


Since its inception as an auction website, eBay has come a long way. In the first quarter of 2021, the marketplace had almost 160 million active buyers. While this may seem insignificant in compared to Amazon’s figures. EBay is Amazon’s most direct competitor, so it makes sense to have a large presence there as well.

eBay is less competitive than Amazon because there are fewer sellers and more options to get your things noticed. The fees on eBay are often lower as well. However, it’s crucial to note that eBay has its own features and search engine algorithm if you want to enhance your sales. This necessitates the development of a platform-specific strategy.

How to Figure Out What Keywords Your eBay Customers Are Looking For?

There are several techniques you can take to identify relevant keywords. But one of the most successful is to put yourself in your customers’ position. And consider which search terms they are most likely to use to find your products.

Assume you’re selling a pair of brown leather shoes for males. Consider the details they’d be looking for, such as the brand name, color, and style, as well as any other relevant information. The examples below should give you a good understanding of the types of titles that brown shoe stores use.

Another important tool is the eBay Search Bar, which displays the most popular search queries linked to your keywords. We highly recommend reading this tutorial for more information on how to use the eBay search engine to not only identify popular search terms, but also things that are in great demand on the marketplace.

You’ll need to consider how customers refine/filter their product searches when looking for a certain item once you’ve gotten a better knowledge of how to do keyword research for your eBay titles.

Optimizing your eBay Advanced Search Product Listings

Sure, the titles you use for your eBay listings are essential ranking factors. And they do play a role in persuading people to click on your listings. But they aren’t the only element taken into account.

To improve your chances of appearing at the top of the page, or perhaps appearing at all. You’ll need to complete the Item Specifics for each one.

Using eBay’s Best Match Algorithm To Improve Your Listings

Again, crafting a strong eBay title and giving item specifics will only get you so far; you’ll need to consider some of eBay’s ranking elements if you want to rank high enough to be viewed by potential customers.

While eBay does not state how much of an impact each aspect has on your ranking position, they do provide some insight into the most prevalent factors that are taken into account by their Best Match sorting algorithm.

Sort Your List Into The Appropriate Categories

The right category for your goods is crucial since it allows you to include the most relevant item specifics, which will help customers find your listings. Additionally, there are other considerations to consider when selecting a category for your listing. For example, if you want to list internationally, selecting the incorrect category can significantly limit your ability to be found by international customers.

Accurate And Relevant Titles

We’ve already discussed how to design titles that contain keywords that your consumers are genuinely looking for. But it’s also worth noting that eBay will examine how accurate and relevant the title is to the user’s search term.

This is why, in order to take advantage of your 80-character title limit. Your titles should be as detailed as possible. Interestingly, a recent study on Web Retailer found that the more keywords eBay sellers include in their titles, the better their listings perform. Title Builder who conducted the study also found that acronyms such as NWT, NIB and OEM aren’t necessary and take up wasted space. Because customers don’t search for these terms.

Generous Returns Policy

eBay prefer sellers who offer a competitive returns policy, which is why you should consider offering a minimum of 30 day returns policy (something that is required for Top Rated Plus listings). If possible, it also helps to cover the cost of the return.

High-Quality Product Photos

Always use high-quality, professional looking photos to showcase your products. These photos should clearly convey the item you are selling, which is why it is important that the colours are accurate and that you highlight any faults with the item.

Seller Rating And Performance

One factor that almost always influences your search position on eBay is your performance as an eBay seller. Specifically, your performance is judged on things such as your feedback and policy compliance. With eBay preferring those with a higher DSR score, and even better an eBay Top Rated Seller status.

Something worth keeping in mind for those of you selling products in various sizes or colors, is that by using variation listings the sales history of each listing will be combined, in-turn strengthening your seller performance.

How to Create Listings That Convert

The whole purpose of optimizing your listings for increased visibility is so that they generate sales. What you may not be aware of, however, is that the Cassini Search Engine considers the relationship between how many times your listing has been seen and the number of sales you generate, as part of its sorting criteria.

This essentially means that having high visibility can actually be detrimental if your listings aren’t converting into sales. Making it all the more important to look beyond eBay SEO and think about how to turn views into sales.

Use High-Quality Images

We’ve already talked about how images can help improve your search position. But more importantly they help convince customers to go one step further and purchase your products. With 12 images available free-of-charge, it’s a no-brainer that you fully showcase your items (faults and all). EBay themselves have some great tips on how to take high-quality photos, which we would recommend reading.

Create Detailed Product Descriptions

When writing your item’s description, make sure you are describing the item in as much detail as you can. EBay suggest using around 200 words of text, however you should avoid using non-relevant information. As the search engine will only read a certain amount of information per page.

Final thoughts

In order to adapt to the modern consumer journey, brands need to have a presence across multiple sales channels. As well as D2C stores. They need to make their products available across their audience’s favourite platforms – and eBay is likely to be one of them.

Promotion is another task an eBay dropshipper should consider, as we are in an internet generation.

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