Does Walmart Allow Dropshipping – Here’s All You Need to Know About Walmart Dropshipping


Walmart is a famous multinational grocery chain located in the United States. It also owns several inexpensive department stores & supermarkets. Walmart is one of the world’s largest corporations in terms of business revenue.

After establishing itself as a competitive grocery chain, so Walmart chose an entirely new direction and launched a successful online store, launching the Walmart’s e-commerce endeavour.

Walmart now has a well-designed beautiful online store that offers their customers both home delivery & in-store pickup. Walmart is now very famous in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, & others.

Why Dropship on Walmart?

Walmart is especially beneficial to eCommerce businesses. You gain access to a well-known, dependable environment consisting of high-quality items, faster delivery times, and outstanding customer service when you shop at Walmart. The following are some of the essential benefits of dropshipping on Walmart:

Fast shipping

With the next-day delivery option, Walmart’s logistical partners may ship various products to their customers right away. More immediate delivery or shipping means happier consumers, which increases the likelihood of repurchasing.

Low Overhead

There’s no charge to open a store on Walmart or register to sell on this platform. Whenever you make sales, you have only to give a referral fee; that’s it!

Sell vast Amounts of Goods

You can sell 35+ different types of products at Walmart. Everything you have to do now is assured your product isn’t on the corporation’s Prohibited Product catalog.

Launch Business Quickly

Walmart dropshipping relieves you of time-consuming tasks such as shop design and branding, allowing you to concentrate, especially on the most critical aspects of your business, correctly.

Indeed, it’s not accessible to Walmart dropship, but it’s not impossible either. To win client loyalty, you must first overcome a slew of competitors. However, novice entrepreneurs or small enterprises experience obstacles – that are exacerbated by a broader consumer base and lower overheads.

How does Walmart Dropship Work?

Walmart now provides consumers with four methods for integrating with them and becoming a drop ship provider.

Partner tools: These are a collection of programmes that assist vendors and suppliers in listing their wares. Supplier Centers assist vendors in effectively managing their inventory. It also facilitates the processing and tracking of received orders.

Control Service Providers (CSPs): If a vendor is having trouble managing his inventory on his own, this drophipping platform offers him the option of selecting from a list of approved CSPs to control his inventory.

API: Walmart provides dropship sellers with access to their Application Program Interface, that allows users to upload product details straight to the website. Walmart offers a specialised chat support channel as well for API integration issues.

EDI: WebEDI is a platform that allows vendors to upload and track essential documents using a web-based application. WebEDI allows the vendor to securely access invoices or purchase orders to sell products quickly and easily.

3 Tips for Walmart Dropshipping

Selling on Walmart might provide you a large customer base and less competition than many other platforms. But you need to remember that success won’t happen without any effort. You can use the following tips to ease your Walmart dropshipping experience.

Keep An Eye On Your Metrics

Without reporting, it’s impossible to know whether your dropshipping on Walmart is going well. Gauge your performance to determine what works and what doesn’t by tracking metrics. Walmart’s reporting helps sellers evaluate their:

Seller ranking: Walmart provides sellers a number of analytics reports that show which sellers are ranking. They also give sellers a Seller Scorecard that can be used to track performance.

Buy Box placement: There will inevitably be other sellers who sell the same or similar products to yours. Thus, the Buy Box is important to strive for because it goes to the seller who has the highest qualification metrics. If your selling history is not satisfactory for Walmart, you will likely lose the sale.

Reviews and ratings: Customers can leave reviews and ratings for sellers. Keep a close eye on your reviews and service quality because they can affect your seller performance. As their website states, “The reviews are not about the dropshipping products themselves. But about the quality of service the retailer provides and their experience with shipping and delivery.”

Walmart Factors That Keep Track of Seller Performance

Walmart has certain factors they use to track seller performance on their platform. These measures of quality service include:

  • 90-Day Order Defect Rate less than 2%.
  • On-Time Shipment Rate greater than 99%.
  • Valid Tracking Rate greater than 99%.

For a more detailed guide to performance requirements for sellers, check here.

Keeping up with these measures means responding to all customer queries on time and fulfilling orders in a timely manner. It also means that you should make sure that cancellations and returns are minimized and managed properly. To manage your performance as a seller:

Create clear, detailed return policies: Walmart provides a return policy section in the Partner Profile that offers up to 4,000 characters. Here, you can detail the information you need customers to know about returns. This can help you defend yourself in the event of a dispute.

Optimize Your Product Listings

Your product listings can do a lot of work for you—if you position them correctly. Strategically crafting your listings helps more customers find you, which helps you sell more products.

Use concise listing titles: By keeping your listing titles simple, customers can easily locate and understand whether your product is what they are looking for.

Make your product titles stand out by listing features: An example of this is Sony Bluetooth headphones. You could give a straightforward title. However, a title like “Sony Bluetooth Headphones Noise Canceling” will draw in a customer – that might have had to sift through different descriptions to find that information.

List product benefits in the description: By listing out the features and benefits of your product, you can more easily convince a buyer to purchase your product.

In short Walmart dropshipping is a very profitable online business. You should give a try at it as it’s becoming extremely popular the dropshipping industry.

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