CJdropshipping Review: What Do Their US Warehouses Have to Offer?


Have you ever wanted to start your own successful online business & earn a stream of passive income? That’s your dream, right?

Well, with the help of some valuable tricks and modern dropshipping platforms, gone are the old days where successful entrepreneurship was only a choice for those with huge investment funds.

Instead, dropshipping business enables customers to launch an online brand and start dropshipping business with no real inventory at all. If you’re new to dropshipping business and you’re unsure how the process really works, let us back up & break it down for you:

You select dropshipping products from a dropshipping supplier to sell via your developed eCommerce store. When a user makes any purchase, your dropshipping partner is actually notified, and they simply fulfill and ship the order. Your supplier then charges you a base price per item, which you then markup & sell for profit.

What is CJ Dropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping is a platform exclusively built as a complete solution for dropshipping, with a huge marketplace of products for dropshippers to add to their eCommerce store. CJ takes care of product sourcing, stocking, inventory management, order fulfillment and shipping.

Is CJDropshipping Legit?

As a person who has used CJ extensively, I can guarantee they are a legitimate business. I found it a much more reliable service than dealing with AliExpress, which is more like the Wild West of dropshipping.

Although CJ Dropshipping isn’t perfect, they are a great option for dropshippers in terms of product sourcing, fast shipping times and customer service. Their platform has grown in popularity over the years with many positive reviews, which is a good indication they are legit.

What are the CJDropshipping benefits?

Fast Shipping

Possibly the biggest benefit that CJ Dropshipping has to offer is its fast shipping times. CJDropshipping shipping methods include the most famous world postal services (USPS, DHL, PostNL,ePacket, etc.) and their own special delivery service – CJPacket.

In general, the CJ shipping time depends on the CJDropshipping warehouse location, your destination country and a delivery method. They have warehouses in 30 countries including United States, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France…

Since the USA is the biggest dropshipping market, it’s great to have a US warehouse to access – and CJ dropshipping has 3 of them.

If you ship a parcel from the CJ USA warehouse, the delivery time takes normally 2-7 days.

If to ship from the CJ China warehouse, CJDropshipping shipping time to the US is around 7-22 days. CJPaket shipping usually takes 7-20 days, CJPaket YDS US takes 12-22 days, and it’s 10-20 days with USPS (but the shipping fees will be bigger for it).

One agent for all your products (CJDropshipping)

The company collaborates with more than 400 different fabrics to present trendy products on their platform. The awesome part of their collaboration is that CJ Dropshipping controls the quality of the products from their warehouses before shipment.

It means that there is no need to dedicate time to finding reliable sellers, like, for example, on Aliexpress. All products are controlled by CJ Team. And there is only one seller there – CJDropshipping.

Product sourcing upon personal request

It might seem like CJ Dropshipping’s item library is somewhat limited. You might fail to find an item you’re searching for at first.

But this may not be such a big problem after all. Why not? Because they actually have a sourcing feature that will find you the best supplier and then upload your desired product upon request.

All you have to do is post a sourcing request to them, which includes some product photos and, for example, an AliExpress URL.

Then CJ’s team does the rest – it usually takes just 24-48 hours for the product to appear on the CJ Dropshipping marketplace. Although the number of sourcing requests at the beginning is 5 per day, this increases once you start selling more on CJ.

Custom Packaging

Dropshipping with custom packaging is a great opportunity to distinguish your products from others, strengthen your own brand. And show your buyers that they deal with professional eCommerce sellers. Dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping allows you to do all of this.

The CJ’s Pre-Designed Packaging offers existing packaging options from different materials, including sustainable packaging for green dropshipping. Additionally, there are tags, “thank you” stickers, etc. to put in your packaging.

If you are not going to add your own logo to the CJ packages, you can pick one of the options there. In case you want to add a customized logo to the product package, you need to contact a CJ agent, provide him/her the SKU number, logo. Then it will appear on the Design Model. If you want your logo to appear on the original CJ packaging, similarly talk with your agent. It’s possible to organize it.

In case you haven’t found the necessary packaging on CJDropshipping, contact a CJ agent to make it happen for you.

It’s important to know that you need to have the custom packaging already purchased, so your CJDropshipping orders would be fulfilled with them.

How Do You Fulfill Orders On CJDropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping allows you to import store orders from your store to its platform automatically or manually.

To automatically place orders, authorize your e-commerce store: Shopify, eBay, Amazon. Once you have authorized your store, orders will be automatically forwarded to CJD for processing. Authorizing them to your store allows them to read the needed data.

Meanwhile, you can place orders manually using CJD’s template or creating orders. Fill out the necessary information, then pay your orders so that CJD will process them.

Is CJ Dropshipping Free?

Yes, CJ Dropshipping is free. It has no storage fee, no monthly fee, no setup fee, and no minimum order required. You’re only charged a processing fee if you buy products from other channels.

If you buy directly from CJ, there will be no processing fee even. For warehouse fees, they will only charge products that are sourced outside CJ and are kept in CJ warehouses for too long with a low circulation rate. But normally, they don’t charge you with that. You can also use their app for free and request product sourcing for free.

Final Thoughts

As an all-in-one dropshipping service, CJDropshipping fills the gaps many dropshipping suppliers leave. Namely, the ability to customize your packaging, a print-on-demand service using customer designs, and worldwide shipping. In that sense, CJ is a scaleable and promising platform, as made evident by its 300,000+ user-based.

However, while CJDropshipping is a global service, some reservations surround how well CJ’s service translates for US Customers. Be mindful that costs will increase considerably if your chosen products are sourced from warehouses abroad.

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