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Dropshipping business model has witnessed a significant market valuation worth $557.9 worldwide. It is expected to register a CAGR of over 28.8% by 2025. Automating your dropshipping business with Hutsle Got Real (best UK dropshipping software) will allow you to scale easily!

Dropshipping is an eCommerce model where you act as a middleman. You take orders from customers and sends to the suppliers who then fulfill the order on your behalf. The best part is you don’t own the inventory or handle shipping products, inventory cost, or international shipments. The Dropshipping suppliers do this hard job on your behalf.

Sounds great! Isn’t it?

But is it that simple? No! to be honest. Dropshipping business can prove to be a hard nut to crack if certain things go wrong when you didn’t manage well before starting your Dropshipping business.

Things can go worse if

  • The products you displayed on your eCommerce store turn out different when shipped to the customer.
  • You are still selling products on your store which went out of stock with their suppliers.
  • Prolonged shipping delays will affect your credibility, and customers won’t revisit your store.
  • Original prices of products go higher and you didn’t update the prices on your store. Resulting in a massive loss on your sale.

So, the most imperative point is to be most careful and selective whom you partner with – the suppliers. Because the suppliers are the backbone of your Dropshipping business, and to maximize your profit. It is important to always partner with the Best Dropshipping suppliers. The stronger your supply chain is, the better will your Dropshipping become.

Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

Now, the million-dollar question is, how to find the best Dropshipping suppliers who will deliver the best quality products to your customer on time without any breakage so you could build a long-term customer relationship without any negative impact? 

To counter the challenge we have introduced the handiest dropshipping tool, Hustle Got Real (UK Dropshipping software). It can help you partner with 100’s of top Dropshipping suppliers in the UK in no time and streamline your Dropshipping business. It automate out-of-stock products, bulk listing from multiple online selling platforms, and repricing products. Other than these amazing features, some other pro features are using keyword suggestion tool that will suggest keywords with higher selling prediction which can be used in the title to make it easily searchable by customers; also, the bulk lister tool will let you submit products to eBay, Amazon or Shopify like a breeze. 

Is Hustle Got Real the Best UK Dropshipping software ?

Hustle Got Real is a product listing software with unique features to scale up your Dropshipping business. This software is primarily focused on the UK market. It allows you to connect with the largest network of more than 78 international and local suppliers covering multiple categories. Ranging from car parts, home décor, baby clothing, and almost all major categories. Besides the UK, it also lets you partner with 21 US suppliers and many other suppliers from Spain, Australia, Italy, Germany, and France.

How Does Hustle Got Real Works?

The fundamental principle of HGR is to keep updating your product’s current stock status to eliminate any chances of running out of stock risk. At the same time, it keeps a constant check on any significant price changes. If the supplier’s price goes up or down, it will automatically update prices accordingly within 60 to 90 minutes. Moreover, its super user-friendly dashboard will let you monitor the price changes, product listing, and order processing like a breeze.

The Best part is product sourcing is not a big deal when using HGR because It’s seen that a lot of people don’t know how to research products and how much profit they are going to make. But this problem has been solved with HGR, where you’ll find more than 60,000 products in the “Catalog” that lets you narrow down to the supplies that are being successfully sold out on eBay, and you can easily calculate how much potential profit you can earn. All you have to do is click on the products you want to display on eBay, and your products will be added to your List and ready to be dropshipped.

More HGR Features

Hustle Got Real software has another incredible feature of” Title optimization” that will automatically optimize your product title with the right types of keywords based on the product category you have selected. The Title optimization option will select the correct type of keywords based on how much sales have been made in that category. HGR dropshipping software will automatically add these keywords in your Product title for you.

But that’s not all; you’ll get an exclusive “listing service” where HGR will list the products for you. HGR gives you options to select the listing packages of 30,50,70, or 100, or even more significant, depending on your budget. After selecting the listing package, you’ll get an email from HGR to confirm which supplier you want to use and how many products should be included. After getting all the required information, HGR will update the product description, optimize the titles with the right set of keywords, including all the essential specifics of products, and list these products on your store. You don’t need to do all these things manually or hire a Virtual assistant to make things work for you.

Finally, HGR is the perfect Dropshipping automation software that provides all essential elements to run a successful online store in the UK under one hood.

Let’s do some practical and find out how you can configure HGR with your Dropshipping store.

Step by Step Guide for setting up the best UK Dropshipping software

To get started with HGR, you’ll have to signup, and after confirmation of your email ID, you’ll land on a page asking where you would like to sell.

We’ll show you how to dropship with the eBay market. Next, you’ll enter the country where your account is registered with eBay. I have selected the Uk market to show you how specifically HGR will help your Uk based store.

if you already have an eBay account click on on yes.

The next question is about API or non-API versions. The difference between these two versions is that if you have an API version. It’ll confirm that your eBay account is connected with HGR software and eBay knows that you are using dropshipping software.

With a non API version, eBay won’t know that you are using HGR with your eBay account. The reason for using a non-API version is that it’s believed that if eBay knows that you are using any product listing software, it might flag your account. And your listings won’t rank higher in search results. Through the Non-API version, your listings will be done using a file exchange system that’s quite secure. Because most of the large eBay stores work through using a file exchange system.

When you select the “we’ll run the extension in our servers” option. It’ll keep updating your product’s listing and stock status even if you are offline. Otherwise with “you will run the extension in your own computer” option. You’ll have to keep your computer on all the time to make sure the changes are done accordingly.

How to start listing

Next, you’ll enter your eBay store name and land on a page where you’ll find options to choose a listing source. You can either go with the catalog option. Where you’ll find HGR favorite suppliers or use the Manual listing option. To directly source the listings using the HGR chrome extension.

When you’ll select the manual listing method, the next step is to acquire a listing extension to edit your listing settings.

now, install both of these extensions.

install extensions

Once you have installed the chrome extensions and configured your eBay store. Click on the List now icon to start adding listings. Next, you can add the suppliers from the given list of supported suppliers.          

add suppliers

When you are done with your supplier source. Move on to the catalog section and select the supplier from where you want to source your products.

Then after selecting your product list. You will be asked if you want them to list these products straight away from the catalog or optimize the product title to make them more visible to your customers. If you like HGR to optimize these listing titles, then purchase some tokens from the menu, and your listing will be optimized.

You can further set the pricing rules and other necessary settings by checking the channel settings.          

Finally, your store is ready to display your product listings from your favorite UK-based supplier.

Hustle Got Real Pricing

The first ten listings are free with the Baby plan. Then, the pricing goes higher when selecting a higher number of listings. The plan with 300 active listings starts at $24/month. All of the payments are processed with Paypal.

Final verdict

Hustle got Real is trusted by over 10,000 active users and packed with numerous user-friendly Dropshipping features. It provides exclusive solutions to manage inventory and repricing products without having any risk of running out of stock.

If you are looking for a fully automated dropshipping solution to import and manage product listings from your favorite supplier. No software other than HGR can serve you best. You can start a free trial anytime by signing up and creating a product listing. And if you find it reliable. Then go on testing its premium features on the monthly subscription plan. 

Register here in the best UK dropshipping software to get started on your free trial.

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